Music Supervision, Music Consultants, Music Copyright Clearance, Music Transcription and Music Publishing services.

Dancing Mice Productions is one of Americas leading Music Supervision and Music Consultancy companies serving the movie and film industry Worldwide.

Movie Industry - Music Supervisors and Music Consultants

Specializing in music services for Feature, Indie and other visual media, our comprehensive range of services includes Music Supervision, Music Copyright Clearance, Music Transcription and Music Publishing

  • Music Supervision
  • Music Consulting
  • Music Clearance & Copyright
  • Original Scoring Development
  • Music Transcription, arrangement, adaptation and notation
  • Music & Sound Production
  • Music Consultants & Supervisors

Dancing Mice Productions work with both the studios and the musicians/musician representatives to first select appropriate music and then secure the licenses for that music to be used.

Music Supervision and Music Consultants to the movie industry

Our professional and experienced personnel act as mediators between film or movie Production teams and Composers and their teams, to suggest ideas, fully research the musical input, then obtain rights to source music for films. We then oversee spotting sessions, liaise on where the Movie Director wants music, and why, then recruit and contract musicians, book recording studios and attend sessions, ensuring that delivery requirements are fulfilled, on time and on budget!

Dancing Mice Productions prepare source music schedules, obtain and check licenses, and act as the liaison between the Record Companies, the Publishers and the Production Company. We also produce the music cue sheet for final delivery and liaise with the Sound Team and the Playback Operator to ensure that the Sound Team has the pre-recorded music in the correct format and ensure that the duration of the music included conforms to the terms of the negotiated contracts.


Dancing Mice Productions also have:

  • Extensive knowledge of music post and studio production
  • Extensive, in-depth and specialist music knowledge
  • Expertise in back-catalogue music
  • Expertise in all musical genres and styles
  • Extensive music industry and artist contacts
  • Huge vault of music & sound effects
  • Extensive experience employed as Music Supervisor for movies

Our services to the music industry are conducted by experienced, high qualified and professional musicians backed by a comprehensive music supervision and copyright service. Dancing Mice Productions is the “one-stop-shop” for music resources and offers the perfect solution to film, movie production companies and independent producers throughout the World.

Some of our past and present clients include: Act III Productions, Bigfoot Entertainment, Buena Vista International, Caged Angel Films, Colombia Pictures Corporation, Dakota Films, Emotion Pictures, GAR Productions, LK-TEL, MIA Video Entertainment, Mother Goose Films, Movision, Mrs. Globe International, Paramount International TV, Ramstar Productions, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Spice Factory, Tusk Productions, Universal Pictures, USA Broadcasting, Walt Disney Pictures and York Entertainment.